When Adhira said ‘yes’ to Shekhar, it was not the ‘happy ending’ of their story.

Perhaps, it was just the beginning of what their future had in store.

Totally unknown, unidentified & unpredictable.

They shared a beautiful past. Will their future also hold love for them? Or will the unpleasant surprise shake the foundation of their love?

You joined her journey last time in Adhira… Love; Lost & Found. Now, let’s become her strength to witness how her life unfolds.


It was 2:45 PM in a winter day and I had just taken my toddler to bed. I had work to do but I preferred to lie down with Ria so she would sleep fast. She had bathed that day and her hair was a little wet. I wanted to keep her warm so that she wouldn’t catch a cough again. While putting her to sleep, the warm comfort of the duvet in the cold afternoon made me want to sleep too. I did not mind taking advantage of that moment, draped the duvet around Ria and me, and comfortably fell asleep within a few minutes.

After a few minutes, an annoying voice started to disturb my sleep. I opened my eyes and looked at the window. I saw nothing. I assumed the pigeons were playing with sticks outside my window and they were making that noise. I pulled the duvet over my face and closed my eyes. Again, I heard noises, and this time they felt like the pitter-patter of raindrops. I concentrated on the noise and thought it must be raining outside.

I was too sleepy and I didn’t want to miss my sleep at any cost. I fell asleep again. After 5 mins, a sudden jolt woke me up.
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नये साल का नया सवेरा

नये साल का नया सवेरा
लाया है उम्मीदें नयी,
कुछ ख्वाब नये दिखा रहा ये
कुछ हसरतें नयी जगा रहा ये,
कुछ सपने फिर से बुन रहा ये
आशायें कई है जगा रहा ये,
हौसलों को मेरे बढ़ावा देता
दबे कदमों से आ रहा।

हैं कुछ एहसास ताज़ा सा फ़िज़ा में
हवायें गुनगुना रही गीत नया,
उजली सी सुबह है देती
नयी उम्मीदों की ख्वाहिशें जगा,
है कहती…
कर लो ख्वाबों को अपने हक़ीक़त में तुम जवां,
चुन लो अपने लिए भी
एक नया आसमान।

चहचहाती ये चिड़िया गाती यही तराना,
उड़ चलो संग मेरे
पा लो अपना नभ प्यारा,
फूलों को भी आ गया है
अब मुझको खुश कर जाना,
कहते है…
मुस्कुराओं तुम भी निडर होकर हम जैसा,
कर लो फ़तेह हर डगर पे
गमों को करदो हवा।

नये साल का नया सवेरा
लाया है उम्मीदें नयी,
कुछ ख्वाब नये दिखा रहा ये
कुछ हसरतें नयी जगा रहा ये,
कुछ सपने फिर से बुन रहा ये
आशायें कई है जगा रहा ये,
हौसोलें को मेरे बढ़ावा देता
दबे कदमों से आ रहा।


Z – Zehnaseeb

So, here we come to our last letter of this A to Z challenge. The letter of the day is ‘Z’ and the word of this letter associated with my life is ‘Zehnaseeb’. It’s and Urdu word which means ‘fortunate’ in English. Or you can say ‘lucky one’ too.
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Y – Yoga

Here come the second last letter & it’s word of our A to Z Challenge, ‘Y’. Y in my life stands none other than for ‘Yoga’.

What is Yoga and how does it help?

“Yoga means union of the individual consciousness or soul with the universal consciousness OR spirit. Though many think of yoga only as a physical exercise where people twist, turn, stretch, and breathe in the most complex ways, these are actually only the most superficial aspects of this profound science of unfolding the infinite potentials of the human mind and soul. The science of Yoga imbibes the complete essence of the way of life.” Art of Living has this answer about what Yoga actually is.  Perfect, isn’t it? ‘unfolding the infinite potentials of the human mind and souls’. Correct. Yoga is to find union between mind and body, individual and her God, between our thoughts and the source of our thoughts. But according to me, yoga has many – many more powers hidden deep insight those sacred mantras. Which people chant while meditation. That meditation when performed correctly, take us to another level, where everything we craved for on this planet seemed worthless… (I guess). Because to be really frank, I haven’t experienced that power, that divinity, that confident silence till now, and I am far – far away from getting it right now.
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X – X-Mas

Today’s word for X is going to be X-Mas. Yes, the other, the older word for Christmas.

Why did I choose X-Mas?

Because Christmas time is my favorite time of the year. That one week of Christmas celebrations fill my spirits with joy. Though I am not a Christian (but I always believe that I might have been a Christian in any of my past life) I love to celebrate it with my friends and family. The most favorite part of this occasion is decorating the Christmas tree, sending gifts to my friends, and most importantly ‘the rum cake’. Yes, I wait for a whole year to have that cake. And Xmas is that time when I literally jump in the air to have that rum and nuts cake. One could find me in my best moods during that time.
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W – WhatsApp

Here comes our 23rd letter of the A to Z challenge. ‘W’ stands for WhatsApp. Yes…Yes, that tiny green coloured messenger icon installed in everyone’s phone.

There was a time when we used to send individual messages or make phone calls whenever we have to talk to our near and dear ones. We keep our phone recharged with numerous message packs for hassle-free chatting over phone. Am I Right? Remember those message conversations you used to do with your spouse or your girlfriend/boyfriend or even with your BFFs during those chilly winter nights, hiding beneath your blankets? That era has its own charm. I admit.
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V – Vacation

The next letter in our AtoZ challenge is ‘V’. For me, V stands for Vacations.

Aren’t you also feeling excited when you hear this word? In this hectic life this word is quite a breather for us. Yes, I know… same story here.

This word takes me down the memory lane when we used to wait a whole year for our summer vacations to start, so that we could go to our grandparent’s house to enjoy that whole month. We would start planning for the upcoming holidays in advance. We listed our favourite things to do months before. Or, sometimes to different places which we always heard about from our friends. Our excitement made us be on cloud nine on the day before the vacations started. The euphoria behind exploring that new place was always on the extreme side.

I was always a studious child, so I finish my holiday homework in advance and then start my vacations, whether the vacations were supposed to be at my grandparents’ house or any new location. The bus or train journey excites me a lot, and I remember I always take the window seat to admire the landscapes during the whole journey. My most lovable feeling is not when we reached the destination, it’s the journey that made me content. I love the atmosphere during vacations on hill stations. They were much crowded than the other days and everyone seems happy to enjoy some quality time with their families. So many happy faces. So many memories the people are trying to capture in their cameras. Then we collect lots of memories to share with our school friends.

Those were the happiest days.

We still go on vacations but now we don’t crave the whole year for them. Our excitement has changed and that kid is lost somewhere. Now we don’t crave for those ‘softies’ on the mall road instead we crave to have a chilled beer. Life has changed!

That excitement on going for a vacation still remains same but the idea of collecting and sharing memories have changed. Maybe because we have grown up now. And with the growing age come lots of other cravings which are much high on the nerve than in our childhood.

Still, if you find some time for yourself then you must revisit those childhood memories you shared with your friends. I’m sure it will curve out a smile on your face.

Leaving you for some memories to cherish!

U – Uplift

Unlike the other letters, today’s letter gave me a major headache. ‘U’ turned out to be an uneasy letter to find a word worth writing for. After lots of google search and asking within my friend-circle, I finally came to the point that, U for me stands for ‘Uplift’. Yes. Certain things which uplift my mood.

So, if I stress my brain a little to find those things which uplift my mood instantly, I have to think hard, really, as I am a very moody person. Everything depends on my mood. Sometimes, a small act of kindness can melt my heart whereas a whole big act of charity couldn’t. A single rose could melt my anger whereas a whole bouquet couldn’t. A most peppy, weird and ‘truck-chapsong can uplift me mood whereas a melodious tune couldn’t. So, I am like this. My mood variations and swings amaze me too.

Sometimes the sweetest memory becomes the reason for my happiness and sometimes the same is the reason for my resentment. The same person who makes me smile one day, could, another day,  be the object of my hatred. The same music which drags me to the dance floor could became the ‘noise-pollution’ other day.

So, this is me. Up-close and personal. Today fighting within myself and tomorrow fighting for myself. One day the life of the party and on another hiding beneath my shell. Still, music is something which never gave upon me, as it always uplifts my mood. No-matter what situation I am in.

So, this nerd is going to have some mood lifter for herself. See you again with another letter & word. Hope, that one would be much simpler to find!

T – Thank You

Today’s letter is ‘T’ and the phrase that came up in my mind is ‘Thank You.’ An 8 letter phrase which has a solid impact on mankind.

‘Thank you’ is the easiest way to show gratitude towards the many things God has gifted us. We often pray for the things we want in our lives from God. But always forgot to thank the Almighty for bestowing his care and affection upon us. We often expect a lot from our parents and always want them to understand us without uttering a word, but we always forget to thank them for all the love they gave us. We often take our loved ones and their affection for granted and never thought to reply them. Yes, we do! We do such things and they happen unintentionally. We humans have this disorder in our personality to take our loved ones for granted.
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