D – Depression

We have now moved towards letter no 4 that is D. For me D stands for a demon named depression. Everyone called it a disease but I named it a demon. It hit me a few days back but fortunately, I know how to snap out of it.

Depression is a silent killer. It kills you internally. You never know when and where it will hit you. You realize things only after it has done its job and damaged your mind. It doesn’t have any age criteria. It could strike in a very early or when you are older too. It has nothing to do with what you’ve practiced and learnt to stay away from or stay aware about. It starts slowly from your mind and gradually controls over your thought-processes. You start feeling lonely, alone, left-out, incompatible and mainly unworthy to live. But, that is the last stage of it. It not only kills your happiness, it also damages the power of seeing things positively. It provokes your inner demons and makes you vulnerable. It all starts with a single thought and gradually forces you to do the worst possible things you could ever imagine.

Like many others, this demon hit my mind too. I suddenly started hating everything I have. I remember, I burst out angrily to everyone, known or unknown. But, that is what happens when you don’t have any control over your mind. It’s the result of a depressed mind. Sometimes, when we couldn’t find our own space, our own time, it generally happens. I don’t want to show my face to anyone. I don’t go in front of the mirror. Not only my mind but my physical appearance also haunts me.

I sat back and thought about the things I can improvise to make situations better. I penned down all the things I wanted to do. Then, I prioritised things which are most important. I’ll make sure I spend an hour for myself every single day. I make sure that I will write daily, thanks to my friend who suggested that to me. I will go out once in a day. I will spend that one hour alone. That is most important for me.

Sometimes, it’s good to let your heart speak, shout, scream. It’s very important to have your insecurities let out.

Depression is nothing but just an uncomfortable feeling of being left alone. We can easily overcome this demon through some simple steps. The first and most important is to find someone who can listen to you. And second, tell them each and everything troubles you. You can take help from psychiatrist too. There is nothing wrong in finding a listener. It could be your best friend, a family member, a psychiatrist or even a stranger you met daily in a park.