P – Plants

So, the 16th letter of our AtoZ Challenge is ‘P’ and P for me stands for Plants.

Plants… what would our world be without you? You gave us life. You gave us fresh oxygen to breath. You make our environment clean. And what we do with you? We cut you to make more space for our living. We destroy you to make our life better. We kill you to live our life leisurely.

I am a nature lover and I love to collect different kind of plants. Though, here in Gurgaon, I don’t have enough outdoor space to plant them yet I manage to create a small greenway for myself. I have many indoor plants and few of them are on my workstation. Their fresh green leaves encourage me to think positively. I always want to do something like what environmentalists do for the environment. But that wish didn’t see the light of the day.

So, I made a resolution in my life. I planted a tree or bought a plant into my house for every special occasion of my life. I started it from my Birthday and I am maintaining this without a fail. Trust me, it makes me feel alive. Nothing is this world excites me more than a blooming flower or plant in my balcony. New, fresh green leaves reduce all my tensions and make me happier. Plants have this positivity stored inside them, they make your perception much cleaner and fresher when you spend some time with them.

Don’t believe my words? Go and try this. I’m sure you will love it.

Place a plant near your desk and see the difference in your thoughts. Place them in your house and see the difference in your life.

If you cannot do the big things, do the small ones. It can change a lot. And at this day when the world is showing the results of global warming, try to plant a single plant whenever you can. As much as you can. We cannot stop the pollution which has already spread a lot in our environment… I understand. But, we can take small and simple steps to prevent it from growing further. Each step you take, each seed you sow, will bloom one day! We have already done enough damage to our earth, now start healing the damage.

I am doing this. Will you?

Think and act!

I will see you another day with another post.