A – Adhira

I recently heard about this challenge from my friend and I instantly got excited about participating in it. Though I am not an active blogger, and also a first timer in participating in such contests. I am sure I will try to write as per the guidelines. Many participating bloggers choose different themes to write upon. But I’m clueless! So, I chose words which, directly or indirectly, belong to me in my day-to-day life. Words, which actually mattered the most to me.

So, as far as the first letter goes. A for me stands for Adhira. A fictional character I created 3 years ago.

Adhira is a girl who changed my life completely. A character who is larger than life to me. I created her as a character but she taught me many things which I can never learn by myself. She taught me many exceptional things during the whole writing process. I was impatient and insecure about love. She made me realize that patience is a virtue and there is no love without trust. She inspires me, both inside and out. She made me who I’m today. She gave me a reason to be remembered. She gave me my identity. She also gave me a friend for life-time, who I would have never found otherwise. I got introduced to Dhivya, through Adhira. At first she was my editor for Adhira but now, she has become more than a friend for me. For this, I will always be indebted to Adhira… my first girl, my fictional character. No matter how many stories I write or characters I create in the future, I would always love to be remembered as the creator of Adhira.

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