About Author

Aditti Gaur is the author of ‘Adhira… Love; lost & found’, which has been appreciated worldwide as one of the most refreshing books on human relationships.

A mystic wanderer at heart, Aditti believes in creating something that leaves a lasting impression in people’s minds. Her restless, tempestuous energy has continuously driven her to expound it via writing, and she creates various characters who are reflections of the people she comes across.

Filled with an unquenchable wanderlust, Aditti’s thoughts are at their best when she is watching the sunrise at beaches and dewy mist in mountainsides. She believes in the power of love and infuses the thoughts about human relationships in her writing. Her book has been praised for the poetic quality of the narration, bringing to the fore the scenes that are described in rich detail.

Professionally she has five years of experience working with a leading DTH company. She quit that job to be a full time writer and stay at home mom. During the days she is busy building up beautiful moments with her daughter and at nights she gives the space to her words that flow on paper.

Aditti lives in Gurgaon with her husband, Aashish Gaur and daughter Riddhi.