B – Blogging

When it comes to the second letter B, I was confused what to choose. But, then I thought B for me belongs to blogging. I started blogging years back but put it on a halt to focus on writing my book. Now, I’ve started blogging again. In the initial days, when I saw this word, I used to wonder what the bloggers did. How did they choose their topics and how are their minds so active about everything? Frankly, I started out as an amateur blogger who writes everything and anything I like. But I have never ever been an active blogger and as days passed by, I lost my interest in it. But, then gradually I understood the terms of being a good and active blogger. I understood the importance of writing daily, be it in writing or blogging. I understood the value of punctuality in writing. And thankfully, I make up my mind to start it on a daily basis, without wasting much time. So, from now onwards, I hope I will write or blog daily to avoid the halts in my writing. And, I’m sure this challenge will help me to be an active and punctual blogger.

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