It was 2:45 PM in a winter day and I had just taken my toddler to bed. I had work to do but I preferred to lie down with Ria so she would sleep fast. She had bathed that day and her hair was a little wet. I wanted to keep her warm so that she wouldn’t catch a cough again. While putting her to sleep, the warm comfort of the duvet in the cold afternoon made me want to sleep too. I did not mind taking advantage of that moment, draped the duvet around Ria and me, and comfortably fell asleep within a few minutes.

After a few minutes, an annoying voice started to disturb my sleep. I opened my eyes and looked at the window. I saw nothing. I assumed the pigeons were playing with sticks outside my window and they were making that noise. I pulled the duvet over my face and closed my eyes. Again, I heard noises, and this time they felt like the pitter-patter of raindrops. I concentrated on the noise and thought it must be raining outside.

I was too sleepy and I didn’t want to miss my sleep at any cost. I fell asleep again. After 5 mins, a sudden jolt woke me up.
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Love Just Happens

Mumbai’s weather was always unpredictable. One can never assume how long a bright sunny day will remain before clouds converge and rains start heavily. Today was such a day. I woke up to the sun’s rays on my face and now it is raining like the sun has gone on vacation since the last few days. Clouds were gathered in the sky and the fragrance of wet mud filled up my nostrils.

In spite of being annoyed by the weather, I decided to enjoy it with a cup of coffee and my favorite book. So I settled down in my balcony with three of my favorite things: books, coffee and music. I am fascinated by rains, because it makes everything look fresh and new. The surroundings become much cleaner and the trees look brighter. The birds come out to sing their melodious tunes once again. I saw a couple trying to shelter themselves from the rain. The whole scene was visible from my balcony and a chill breeze took me down my memory lane.
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