K – Kindle

So, we have come to our 11th letter ‘K’. No, it’s not K which we generally use in replying to messages. It is K for Kindle. Yes, another asset of mine.

I recently got a kindle paperwhite, which my dear husband gifted me. I am a bibliophile and I never ever thought that one day I will crave for something like a Kindle. But, it happens, due to the phase I am in. My naughty kid doesn’t allow me to read books as paperbacks. Whenever I open a book to read, she always snatches that and runs away. It’s frustrating for me but I can’t do anything. So, I ended up choosing the Kindle device for some time till I get back to my normal routine. But to my surprise, Kindle is a new and nice experience for me. Also, now I don’t need an external source of light to read my books. I really like the way it makes reading easy for me. Now, I can read at night with this magical device without disturbing my kid. Or I should say, she let me reads hassle free.

The Kindle will always remain in my heart because the first book I read on my device was Harry Potter, and I already shared about how much I love that series. I can’t thank Amazon enough for giving us this device.

So, now this bibliophile is signing off to read Twilight series on my Kindle paperwhite.

See you another day!

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