L – Love

L is the letter for today. For me, L stands for nothing other than Love.

Love is the strongest emotion, the supreme power, a blessing from God! A deep feeling of affection. So many forms and each one is beautiful.

Here, I am not talking about the love we see between couples. Instead, it has a huge meaning apart from this selfish and self-centred world. Love makes us see things differently. It is the supreme power, which compels us to see the positive side of others. Sometimes, I wonder what if this 4-letter word doesn’t exist in our life! How would be the world look like? What would be the face of mankind then? What would humans do? What should we teach our children? How would music and art and other good things be created? What would happen to the classics then? All these questions have a similar answer – Love is the driving force behind all good things in life.

To let us live in harmony, God created this emotion. This world would be hell without love. The face of mankind will become ugly and full of negativity then. Even with love there are still horror stories in the world around us. We won’t have classics or love-stories to teach our children then. And music would be soul-less without love. Love has a major effect on our mind, soul and life. Only, if we think about it.

Love is in the warmth of mother’s touch. Love is the tenderness of father’s hug. Love is evident in our sibling’s fondness. Love is in the affection of our lover. Love plays many roles in our life but expects nothing, just a little bit of attention & care towards our loved ones. Each soul knows how to love but sometimes they are just caught behind the negativity and roughness. We all want to be loved but never care to return with the same affection. Have you ever wondered what this world would become when we all love each other with the same affection and care like we do to our loved ones? This world would be the best place to live in.

So, spread love and joy, spread happiness. We have only got one life to live. Live the way others would always remember you!

With love,



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