Love yourself

‘Loving Yourself’

It seems very easy in words but very difficult to act upon. It’s like how we always love to give suggestions to others and want them to follow them but when it comes to ourselves we find it very difficult to apply it. So, here are some easy steps which we can follow in our day-to-day routine to make our life sweet, simple and beautiful. After all, loving ourselves is not as difficult as we think it is. Little bit of selfishness towards self is not a crime to do.

Express Yourself – More than loving someone, expressing it is more important. Whatever emotion you have, just express it. Love, hate, anger, jealousy, sympathy, whatever the emotion is feel it and express, because not everyone has the power of assumption to know your situation. We always think that other person will know our feelings automatically and that they will realize it. But this is not possible if we can’t express anything to them.

Forgive Others – To rest our mind and soul we should always learn to forgive others. Everyone did mistakes, intentionally or otherwise, but this does not mean that we are not forgiven. And we always want our parents to give us one more chance so that we could correct our mistake. So, when we always want another chance for ourselves, why can’t we give that second chance to others? After all, everyone needs a second chance.

Forgive Yourself – When you have already learned to forgive others, learn to forgive yourself also. To make a mistake is wrong, but not accepting your mistake is worse. If you did any mistake, just accept it and try to learn from it and never repeat it again. Take responsibility for your faults and move on. Don’t let anything hurt you. Don’t be guilt-ridden for the life – it kills.

Be Positive – Why did this happen? Why is this always with me? Am doing it right? Does this thing really work? There are so many questions. So just stop being so negative and try to focus on the positive sight of everything that you are doing. Everything in this world can be wrong or right as per the person’s perspective. Always choose what is good for you. And try to think positive, try to be optimistic.

Be Yourself – Don’t compare yourself with anyone, because nobody else could play your role better than you. What you can do for yourself, nobody else can do. Whatever your dreams, your aims, your desires only you can understand it. So, just be yourself and enjoy.

Trust others and yourself too – Trust others and try to trust yourself too because everyone is not the same. Maybe someone in the past has hurt you but it doesn’t mean that every person whom you meet in your life is the same. Please do not let your heart believe that every person who comes in your life is just the same as the person who broke your trust. Trust as much as you can with open eyes because blind trust is also very harmful and can hurt you. Choose wisely!

Give Love Take Love – Give love, take love. It is the same as ‘give respect and take respect’. If you didn’t love someone but always want that person to love you the most, is it possible? It’s not! To earn respect, you have to give respect to others. Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get … it’s what you are expected to give, which is everything. If you want to get love you should learn to love others. If we do not know how to love then how can we handle it?

Be Comfortable to Say NO! – If you are not comfortable with something, have the guts to say no! A sweet, short, and simple word which prevents most of your problems. Here something can be anything which hurts you and can create a problem for you. This is your life. You have the right to choose what you want.

Be True To Yourself – Always be true to yourself, don’t hesitate to admit your faults or your guilt. Nothing in this world is impossible; every problem comes with a solution. You cannot speak the truth to the world if you can’t speak truth to yourself. It does not matter how we are presenting ourselves to others or how we are reacting in front of them. But we always speak the truth to ourselves. Don’t try to create false image of yourself for you because when you realize the truth it hurts more than anything. Haven’t you heard that if you accept your flaws and are comfortable with it, no-one can use them against you?

Stop Being Perfect – Nobody is perfect in this world. Not me, you, she, he, no-one…, so why do we always want to be perfect? Perfect for the one we love, for the one we care, for the one we want? Don’t change yourself for anyone, artificial things are temporary but natural is permanent. We cannot run behind the fiction for the whole day. At the end we have to come to reality, we have to admit whichever is true. So, stop being perfect… Be as you are.

Be natural. Be yourself. Always do what you wanted to do. Respect your feelings, emotions, and desires. Love yourself and love everything that you have, love your life, love the way life comes to you. Because we have only one life to live and this is the most precious gift to us from God. Make the most of it. Try to love others and yourself. Most importantly, always remember that your life is yours. Don’t became puppets. Ups and downs are for everyone. They come and go. Don’t let them break you. Always remember that you are strong because you know your weakness, you are beautiful because you know your flaws, you are fearless because you learnt to differentiate illusions from reality. You are wise because you learn from your mistakes. You can laugh because you have known sadness.

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