M – Music

Another letter for this AtoZ challenge is ‘M’. Yes! Magical ‘M’ stands for Music.

If there is one thing that I cherish and love most in my life apart from books, it is Music. I don’t think there is a single person in this world who hates music. They may love different forms of it. Music is the only thing which accompanies us in the phases of our life. Everyone has their unique taste in Music. Some love classical whereas some prefer rock. I am a kind of person who likes different songs in all genres of music.

Jagjit Singh Ji and his Ghazals are my treasures. I always listen to those Ghazals whenever I’m writing my book. He was blessed with the most soothing & magical voice, which gives relief to the restless souls like me. Like others, I also cried very hard on the day I heard about his demise. That was the saddest day for everyone who were brought up hearing his Ghazals or spent their life hearing those.

I always heard that Music knows no language, no boundaries. I can relate myself with this quote as I love to hear songs in almost every Indian language.

I love to listen every composer but my personal favourites are ‘Vishal & Shekhar’. I am a huge fan of their compositions since I first heard ‘Musu Musu Hasi’ & ‘Wo Pehli Baar’ the tracks from the movie ‘Pyar Mein Kabhi Kabhi’. Songs which instantly became teenage sensation back then in the 90s. Then came ‘Jhankaar Beats’ along with some other albums. Jhankaar Beats is my all-time favourite album, an album which still seems as fresh as it was back then in 2003. ‘Jhankaar Beats’ holds a special place in my heart because this movie was a tribute to R.D.Burman Sir, and what he was and is to the music world… I can never find enough words to describe him in my entire life-time. He is the GOD of music. Both the albums have equally beautiful tracks. I love to listen each and every composition of Vishal & Shekhar. Almost every album includes a song in my list of favourites.

Biased me! Yeah, you can call me that.

In fact, I loved the singles ‘Saazni’, ‘Saavli’, & ‘Butterfly’ sung by Shekhar, too. I remember I even tried very hard to learn Marathi & Telugu language to understand these lyrics, which I somehow learn just enough to understand the words. Butterfly has been set on my ringtone since then. All thanks to SR, he gave that option to download from his official site. I even purchased that song later. I love listening to ‘Dhan te Nan’ or ‘Nocturne’ or ‘Tomorrow Decided’ as much as I like to listen ‘Gehra Ishq’. Not just their voices but their physical presence is also very energetic and mesmerizing. Wish I could see at least one stage performance by them in this life!

So, here, I am listing few of my all-time favourite tracks. Hope, you like them too!

1. Ae Mere Humsafar – Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak.
2. Lag Ja Gale – Who Kaun Thi
3. Pyaar Hua Iqraar Hua Hai – Shree 420
4. Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi – Dil Hai Ki Manta nahi
5. Wo Pehli Baar – Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi
6. Jab Kabhi – Jhankaar beats
7. Gehra Ishq – Neerja
8. Bin tere (Reprise) – I Hate Luv storys
9. Tumse Hi Tumse – Anjaana Anjaani
10. Pyar Ko Ho Jane Do – Dushman

These are the only songs to which I can never change the channel, otherwise the list includes classics and Ghazal numbers. But, for me those are one’s real treasures, one doesn’t need any particular mood to listen them.

I am now going to wind up this post, but I have a request to make.

Please stop downloading music from pirated sites or else stop calling yourself music lovers. I won’t mind sharing that once I used to do the same. But, since the day my first book got published and I became the author I realised the actual meaning of piracy. Pirated things are easily available and always free to use. But the thing we need to understand is that, it hurts an artist’s feelings whenever we play or read pirated things. Whatever that may be, books or music! An artist spends their days and nights to create something that someone ruins in just one click. So, please try to avoid piracy and make others aware too.

See you soon with the next letter.

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