N – Novels

Here comes our 14th letter of AtoZ Challenge. That is ‘N’.

N stands for many things in a person’s life but for me it stands for ‘Novels’. Yes! Novels. What would my world look like if I don’t read all those novels? Novels not only designed my childhood but also shaped my future too. Who makes me an author then? Novels/Books are as important a part of me as music and breath are.

From where should I start sharing my memories of this word?! If I walks down my memory lane then the first memory I have is of my school days. I was in 8th standard then, when I first read Charles Dickens’ ‘David Copperfield’ in my school library. It was an instant attraction towards this world of novels, and I ended up reading all of them in the same year. I used to go to private libraries to find the books I wanted to read. Sometimes, I had to travel every bookstore in my city to find that one specific book I wanted to read. Now-a-days, Amazon gave us so much of freedom to find everything we want but back then, people had to roam to different places to find that one thing. But, that was fun too. Sometimes, when you put a lot of effort in something, it became your most prized possessions, a memory you cherished forever.

Later on, I started reading Shakespeare’s work. Though, it was hard to understand at that point of time but I can proudly say that I read most of his novels. As I grew up, I started liking Jane Austen’s novels. I read all of her novels within a time span of 6 months. All thanks to my city library, they managed to upgrade their collection as per my recommendations, otherwise how will I get to read all those books? I am a totally different kind of species, I believe. It takes me a lot of time to choose an author to read but when I read any of their work, I have to read each and everything they have written.

Insane we are, sometimes!

After reading almost many classics, my liking suddenly changed towards Hindi literature. I read many Hindi authors. Rabindranath Tagore, Mahadevi Verma, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar & Munshi Premchand top that list. As time went on my likings have changed from one genre to another and I started reading thrillers too. I love reading Sidney Sheldon. If tomorrow comes, Tell me your dreams, Angels of the dark are the only ones I read, then life started showing its original colours to me and I end up trying to figuring it out. Reading took a sidestep.

Again, in 2011 when I just got married and moved to a totally new city Gurgaon, when I had nothing to do, I started reading all my TBR list again. Again the same story happened, I picked one author and end up reading all of their works. But this time, one more thing happened. This time I not only choose to read but also decided to write. I started my blog and wrote several short stories there. To my surprise my stories were liked by my friends and few of them encouraged me to write a novel. And that was the start of the whole new journey called ‘Adhira’. A story which was plotting inside my mind since long. A part of me which was urging to be written off.  ‘Adhira’ has been an incredible journey for me, inside & out! She taught me many things, gave me many friends but most importantly, she brings back that confidence in me which I lost somewhere.

Being a bibliophile, I always have a book kept in currently reading status. But now my likings have been increased a lot further as now I love reading each and every genre, every novelist – new or known, every book – classic or contemporary, everything that clicks in my mind.  Now-a-days, Indian mythology is my currently hot favourite genre, and Kavita Kane is my muse.


Hope you like the memories I shared in this post!

Keep reading and always review what you read. That helps your fellow readers and the authors.

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