O – Ochre

For our next post in AtoZ Challenge, I want to share one beautiful yet funny poem ‘Ochre’. This one is written by my dearest friend, in this, she has shown sarcastic & intelligent side of her personality.

Two hearts fused together
The universal symbol
Of love and more
Easily blended with
The ochre faces.
In many forms, most similar
Often misused, mostly confused
The tongue peeking out, just kidding
Two fat tears leaking, laughing helplessly
The lips grinning wide, with devilish plans.
One eye shut, one open, the standard wink
Filling the spaces where words couldn’t.
Black, Brown, White
All different faces
Are now orcher!
Dhivya Balaji

This piece of art is something I don’t want to go unnoticed.

See you soon with our next letter!

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