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For the next in the A to Z blogging challenge, here comes the most questionable letter ‘Q’. Questionable because, we have very few words beginning with this letter and to search the one relevant with your life is another impossible task. But, I somehow found out the most connected word from this letter.

‘Q’ in my life stands for Quillpad. I know many of you don’t know what Quillpad is! Don’t go searching on Google, I’ll make it easier for you. Quillpad is a website which helps us translate words in different regional languages.

Basically, it is a website used for translation. Quillpad helps me a lot whenever I have to write my poems or stories in Hindi. It is a very hassle free experience to write in Hindi language through this website. Otherwise, one has to install hundreds of fonts and paste keyboard stickers to do the same. I am a huge fan of Hindi literature be it in reading or writing. I love to write in Hindi, first. And that’s where this website becomes my partner in writing.

So many poems, so many stories, so many emotions got their words through Quillpad. Strange, how a simple website or application becomes part of your life!

This is it for now. This freaky girl is taking rest until tomorrow. See you again with another word & another memory.

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