Adhira… Love, lost & found is a story of a girl, an angel among humans, born on Earth to spread cheer by helping others and making their dreams become realities. She is blessed with almost everything life could offer – good looks, pleasing personality, mesmerizing voice, successful business, caring friends, loving parents and husband. But there is still something lacking and she feels lonely, not at peace with herself.  The epitome of successful self made women, tragedy befalls her when a shocking truth about her life completely turns her life upside down. All of a sudden, there is not enough time to do whatever she wanted. She had not had many expectations from life, but now hoped for some more time – at least until the marriage of her brother with her best friend has happened.

She pulls herself together for the wedding of two of her most favourite people on earth. All her friends stand by her, even long lost ones. But Adhira does not get the needed support from where she expects it the most – her husband. Varun is running behind money and career across oceans, happy with the freedom he has. The chasm between them widens each day until one day, finally, the truth behind his overseas business commitments comes out into the open and the fate of their marriage is decided by a few legal papers. Adhira is left reeling in shock, not coming to terms with the fact that she will never receive the support she required from him, and he would hurt her further by leaving her alone to face her problems. Adhira is not sure which upset her more – her deserting husband or her best friend who hid all this from her.

Busying herself in preparations for the wedding, she recovers slowly from the pain her loved ones gave her. One of her trustworthy friends steps up, healing her from the emotional trauma. Adhira realises that she needed someone who can hold her and complete her life.

But why does she pull back when life offers her that chance? What was she thinking? What secrets do those haunted, forlorn eyes hold? Is the dead marriage still inflicting wounds on her tender heart? What can be done to make Adhira realise that life opens one door as another closes and there are a thousand other reasons to smile for every reason to cry?

For someone who had always lived for others, Adhira shifts perspectives to see how she is also as important in someone else’s life. This is her journey – of struggles, achievements, responsibilities, passion and love. Where once love was lost, it is quickly found again. It is up to Adhira to acknowledge and accept it, for once becoming the receiver instead of being the giver, to realise that though destiny meant her to struggle, it didn’t want her to do it alone. God had played a game of dice in her life, but with the right companion, Adhira can surmount the difficulties. After all, love is all powerful.

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