T – Thank You

Today’s letter is ‘T’ and the phrase that came up in my mind is ‘Thank You.’ An 8 letter phrase which has a solid impact on mankind.

‘Thank you’ is the easiest way to show gratitude towards the many things God has gifted us. We often pray for the things we want in our lives from God. But always forgot to thank the Almighty for bestowing his care and affection upon us. We often expect a lot from our parents and always want them to understand us without uttering a word, but we always forget to thank them for all the love they gave us. We often take our loved ones and their affection for granted and never thought to reply them. Yes, we do! We do such things and they happen unintentionally. We humans have this disorder in our personality to take our loved ones for granted.

Haven’t you done the same? When your loved one did something unconditionally for you and you don’t even reply to them with ‘Thanks’. Or haven’t you felt the same when you were on the opposite side of the coin?

Have you ever noticed how this simple phrase make someone’s whole day? You haven’t, probably! Because the lifestyle we are having didn’t permit us to take one second’s break to appreciate the deeds people do for us. Have you ever noticed, how a simple thanks from the stranger whom you helped passing by, makes your day happier? Your tongue only takes a swirl to speak ‘Thank You’. It is not only an act of etiquette but it also helps us to let our loved ones know how much we care for them and love them. A single thanks would leave a deep impact on them.

Let me share an experience with you.

Yesterday I went to a market to fetch some vegetables. I saw an old man standing in a long queue at the cash counter. His basket was full and very heavy. He was struggling with the heavy weight of it and his hands were trembling. Suddenly, that basket fell on the floor and all the fruits and vegetables rolled onto the floor. His turn was about to come and he hastily tried to collect the veggies. But the more he tried to collect them, the more they were getting out of his trembling hands. Many people were standing there chuckling on seeing that scene, but none of them came forward to help that old man. I went ahead and helped him in collecting his veggies & fruits. That was merely a normal thing that I had done for him but it brought tears in his eyes and he said ‘Thanks’ to me and blessed me many times.
While returning to my house, I kept on thinking about what special thing I had done for that old man that he blessed me so much. But my answer lies in my question itself. From my perspective, I hadn’t done anything special but for him it was too much. That small amount of help was too much for him at that time. I felt so happy the whole day. I hadn’t helped him with any motive or expectation but what he did with me was not ordinary. My whole day went well with a grin on my face. Similarly, others have this effect in their lives when we appreciate them.

A single act of kindness doesn’t cost a thing, but it certainly would make someone’s day. Start saying thanks to the people for the things you always take for granted. At least, thank the Almighty for the things he provided us, if you cannot thank the people around you.

Showing gratitude doesn’t need your whole life, it just wants a single second of your life.

So, start appreciating the things you have because few didn’t even get a chance to see what you already have. Say ‘Thank You’ more often!

And now, I am going to show some gratitude to my lovely kid, who let me write this post without disturbance. You also go to show how much you care about your loved ones. Thank you for reading this post!

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