G – Gurgaon

Here we come on letter G in our AtoZ challenge. G for me stands for Gurgaon.

Gurgaon, the city I live in. Although this is not the city I want to live in for rest of my life. My dream city is Mumbai. But, Gurgaon gave me many good reasons to fall in love with it. I came here in 2011, just after my marriage. It was all a new experience for me. A new me on a new journey in a totally unknown city. I came from a city which geographically is bigger than Gurgaon but the life there was simple and easy.

In this metro city, life was a challenge for me during those days, as adjusting in a new atmosphere has never been easy for me. I am more of an introvert, reserved and home-sick person. I was brought up in Meerut, and for me that is my home. And it will always be. But when I came here to Gurgaon, I instantly fell in love with the odd things of this city. Why odd? Because Gurgaon is known to for its tall buildings, numerous malls, pubs and its nightlife. All of the things are just opposite to what my likings are.

Whenever I asked anyone about what they like in Gurgaon, their answer would include one of these things 9 out of 10 times. But, to their surprise, my answers are just the opposite of theirs. I love the peace this city gives me. I love the greenery spread all over the city. I love the landscapes of Gurgaon – Faridabad road. I love to watch Aravalli’s from there. That is why I felt like I fell in love with the odd things, the things that are not noticed by the majority at a first glance.

Apart from all these, Gurgaon gave me many, many other reasons to be thankful for. This city blessed me with a best friend for life-time. It gave me a purpose to live. It gave me my identity, my book – Adhira. And a stranger, who gave me countless memories to cherish forever. All of them are precious to me and so are the memories attached with them. These could be the some of the reasons I love Gurgaon to the core.

F – Friends Forever

Our 6th letter for AtoZ challenge is magical. As, F always stands for Friends for me.

Friends are not just a word it’s a whole universe for me. Friends not only share their lives with each other, they also nurtur a relationship with faith and undying trust on each other. We always need a good friend at every phase of our life. Friendship doesn’t count on how near or far you stay. Instead, it always depends upon how close you have become to that one person. Blessed are the ones who found atleast one good friend in their life-time. And I’m fortunate enough to find 2 best friends forever for this life-time.

Shilpa Keshri, a vivacious and bubbly friend of mine. I don’t even remember how we became so close to each other. Because when I first saw her, my instant reaction was something not very good about her. I assumed she was an arrogant, proud and egoistic girl but to my surprise she turned out to be a very bubbly, spontaneous and happy go lucky girl. Her helpful nature helped me a lot of times in overcoming certain issues. We are very much alike. She is the one who supported and encouraged me to write. Her undying faith in me makes me believe myself. Whenever life troubles me I think only of her and I instantly get a surprise call from her, every time. It could not be a mere co-incidence. It is something people called a soul connection. I fondly call her my anti-depressant because she always comforts my restless mind. We once were neighbours, then became best friends and now BFFs. We are miles apart but I know we will always keep each other in our minds!

Dhivya Balaji, what should I say about this girl?! She is the one strict teacher in my life, who taught me many, many things. Logic flows in her blood. She handled me with care and affection whenever I was about to fall. When I walked down the memory lane, I remembered how uncomfortable I was, when I came to know that Dhivya did not understand a single letter in Hindi. I was looking for an editor who could understand Hindi language easily because I was not very much fluent with my English. But to my surprise, God sent me this angel. We started talking with each other and it took only one month to get to know each other so nicely. Now, I am teaching her Hindi and she is teaching me Tamil, her mother tongue. There are few things which bring us so close to each other… Music, Books, our reserved nature and, of course, Adhira. For me she is like a soul – sister whom God has sent only for me. She is much mature to me in terms of judging others and she always helps me in choosing people. Her bright, bold and blunt attitude towards life makes her stand out in the crowd. We live miles apart and haven’t met in person but we always have each other in our minds. We think of each other numerous times in a day and that makes our connection even more stronger.

I am truly blessed to have these two angels in my life. They complete my circle and I couldn’t have wished for more. These two beautiful souls made me who I am.

E – Earphones

Moving on to our 5th letter, that is E. And E for me stands for Earphones.

My cute set of green earphones, which I bought years ago but still is as new as when it was packed. They have become a part of my daily life. Numerous songs and countless emotions are attached with those tiny little green earphones of mine. Many times, I thought of switching them with another one but I never found any other earphones as comfortable as the ones I have. No matter what I do; jogging or walking, or lying down, they have been my strong music partner. Whenever I wanted to leave the real world, they help me in escaping the reality. I remember how I used to listen that one Marathi song ‘Saazni’ over and over again and my earphones helped me revising those lyrics, which are totally unknown to me. Or when Riddhi (My daughter) was 1 month old and mostly slept in my arms and I had to sit in single position without disturbing her precious sleep, how my earphones helped me to pass that time, sometimes lasting the whole night. They are my partners in crime. Whatever my mood is they helped me to sort it. It’s strange, how a non-living thing can become inseparable part of your daily life.

D – Depression

We have now moved towards letter no 4 that is D. For me D stands for a demon named depression. Everyone called it a disease but I named it a demon. It hit me a few days back but fortunately, I know how to snap out of it.

Depression is a silent killer. It kills you internally. You never know when and where it will hit you. You realize things only after it has done its job and damaged your mind. It doesn’t have any age criteria. It could strike in a very early or when you are older too. It has nothing to do with what you’ve practiced and learnt to stay away from or stay aware about. It starts slowly from your mind and gradually controls over your thought-processes. You start feeling lonely, alone, left-out, incompatible and mainly unworthy to live. But, that is the last stage of it. It not only kills your happiness, it also damages the power of seeing things positively. It provokes your inner demons and makes you vulnerable. It all starts with a single thought and gradually forces you to do the worst possible things you could ever imagine.

Like many others, this demon hit my mind too. I suddenly started hating everything I have. I remember, I burst out angrily to everyone, known or unknown. But, that is what happens when you don’t have any control over your mind. It’s the result of a depressed mind. Sometimes, when we couldn’t find our own space, our own time, it generally happens. I don’t want to show my face to anyone. I don’t go in front of the mirror. Not only my mind but my physical appearance also haunts me.

I sat back and thought about the things I can improvise to make situations better. I penned down all the things I wanted to do. Then, I prioritised things which are most important. I’ll make sure I spend an hour for myself every single day. I make sure that I will write daily, thanks to my friend who suggested that to me. I will go out once in a day. I will spend that one hour alone. That is most important for me.

Sometimes, it’s good to let your heart speak, shout, scream. It’s very important to have your insecurities let out.

Depression is nothing but just an uncomfortable feeling of being left alone. We can easily overcome this demon through some simple steps. The first and most important is to find someone who can listen to you. And second, tell them each and everything troubles you. You can take help from psychiatrist too. There is nothing wrong in finding a listener. It could be your best friend, a family member, a psychiatrist or even a stranger you met daily in a park.

C – Candy Crush Saga

As I already said, I only choose those words which are significant to me in certain ways. So, for me C stands for Candy Crush Saga. Yes, you heard it right. The game – Candy crush saga. For me, it is an instant stress reliever. I love popping its colourful candies and achieving targets at every stage. This game also helped me a lot while I was writing my book. Whenever I felt stressed and lost my words, I switched on my phone and started playing it. Every time, it refreshed my mind and I started thinking further about my plot. Whenever I felt angry, I left everything and started playing this game. Those soft and colourful candies melt my anger every single time. Whenever I’m sad, those jellies cheered me up. I remember, sometimes I even got few new ideas about my articles and short stories while playing it. Also, once, I wrote a whole poem while playing the Candy Crush game. Funny, isn’t it?

So, like the different necessities of life, Candy Crush has become an inseparable part of my life. I would like to thank the person behind this idea of making an addictive and happy game like Candy Crush. He/she doesn’t know how much they helped me!

B – Blogging

When it comes to the second letter B, I was confused what to choose. But, then I thought B for me belongs to blogging. I started blogging years back but put it on a halt to focus on writing my book. Now, I’ve started blogging again. In the initial days, when I saw this word, I used to wonder what the bloggers did. How did they choose their topics and how are their minds so active about everything? Frankly, I started out as an amateur blogger who writes everything and anything I like. But I have never ever been an active blogger and as days passed by, I lost my interest in it. But, then gradually I understood the terms of being a good and active blogger. I understood the importance of writing daily, be it in writing or blogging. I understood the value of punctuality in writing. And thankfully, I make up my mind to start it on a daily basis, without wasting much time. So, from now onwards, I hope I will write or blog daily to avoid the halts in my writing. And, I’m sure this challenge will help me to be an active and punctual blogger.

A – Adhira

I recently heard about this challenge from my friend and I instantly got excited about participating in it. Though I am not an active blogger, and also a first timer in participating in such contests. I am sure I will try to write as per the guidelines. Many participating bloggers choose different themes to write upon. But I’m clueless! So, I chose words which, directly or indirectly, belong to me in my day-to-day life. Words, which actually mattered the most to me.

So, as far as the first letter goes. A for me stands for Adhira. A fictional character I created 3 years ago.
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