U – Uplift

Unlike the other letters, today’s letter gave me a major headache. ‘U’ turned out to be an uneasy letter to find a word worth writing for. After lots of google search and asking within my friend-circle, I finally came to the point that, U for me stands for ‘Uplift’. Yes. Certain things which uplift my mood.

So, if I stress my brain a little to find those things which uplift my mood instantly, I have to think hard, really, as I am a very moody person. Everything depends on my mood. Sometimes, a small act of kindness can melt my heart whereas a whole big act of charity couldn’t. A single rose could melt my anger whereas a whole bouquet couldn’t. A most peppy, weird and ‘truck-chapsong can uplift me mood whereas a melodious tune couldn’t. So, I am like this. My mood variations and swings amaze me too.

Sometimes the sweetest memory becomes the reason for my happiness and sometimes the same is the reason for my resentment. The same person who makes me smile one day, could, another day,  be the object of my hatred. The same music which drags me to the dance floor could became the ‘noise-pollution’ other day.

So, this is me. Up-close and personal. Today fighting within myself and tomorrow fighting for myself. One day the life of the party and on another hiding beneath my shell. Still, music is something which never gave upon me, as it always uplifts my mood. No-matter what situation I am in.

So, this nerd is going to have some mood lifter for herself. See you again with another letter & word. Hope, that one would be much simpler to find!

T – Thank You

Today’s letter is ‘T’ and the phrase that came up in my mind is ‘Thank You.’ An 8 letter phrase which has a solid impact on mankind.

‘Thank you’ is the easiest way to show gratitude towards the many things God has gifted us. We often pray for the things we want in our lives from God. But always forgot to thank the Almighty for bestowing his care and affection upon us. We often expect a lot from our parents and always want them to understand us without uttering a word, but we always forget to thank them for all the love they gave us. We often take our loved ones and their affection for granted and never thought to reply them. Yes, we do! We do such things and they happen unintentionally. We humans have this disorder in our personality to take our loved ones for granted.
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S – Solitude

Today’s letter is ‘S’ and in my life, it stands for ‘Solitude’. Often called as seclusion too.

Solitude is a state of seclusion or isolation, i.e., lack of contact with people. It may stem from bad relationships, loss of loved ones, deliberate choice, infectious disease, mental disorders, neurological disorders or circumstances of employment or situation.” 

This is the definition I found on google while searching more of what solitude actually meant.

But today, I choose this word for some different reasons. I am not suffering from any of the disorders mentioned above. Instead, I desired solitude for the sake of my privacy.

There are many known and unknown benefits of spending time alone. Sometimes, it gives us the freedom we require to activate our mind. There is a very thin line between solitude and loneliness. These two words refer, respectively, to the joy of being alone and the pain of being alone.

There are several psychological terms also associated with this state. The positive and negative, both. The positive effects consist of freedom and spirituality whereas the negative will lead a person to social deprivation and mental illness.

I choose the positive side of solitude. As, I am a very private person and I love my privacy to the core.  I am an overthinker and I have this very bad habit of overthinking & complicating things, and that’s where time spent in solitude helps me to have a clear vision of everything. I need atleast an hour of seclusion in a day. That is must for me. It helps me focus on the things I want to do. Distractions help me to visualise the better angle of everything coming around. In-short, it gave me a chance for self-contemplation. It sparks the creativity inside me.  I am very much an ocean person. And I relate the positive solitude with the calm & serene side of an ocean. Whereas the negative side shows the turbulent ocean.

I think every person on this earth needs their own space to connect with the inner-self. And they must do, to analyse and contemplate what they are actually looking for. There are many distractions in this world to distract you from time to time. But it’s very necessary to sit back and meditate your soul, for your own good. That is the only way to defeat your inner demons and protect your holy soul from the evils inside.

For me, solitude is often considered as peace of mind. And that is something I cannot let anyone take away from me.


So, for now, this restless soul, rests here.

See you again with another word.

R – Riddhi

Next letter ‘R’ consist of a very special word, which is Riddhi.

It is not just a word. It is my whole universe. Riddhi, my daughter. No matter whatever I write today about her, my words will always remain short of what she is to me. Her presence to me is divine in my life. She completes me and has made me the person I am today. She gave me the most amazing title of my life ‘Mumma’. Every other word becomes insignificant in front of this word. She gave me the bestest gift of my lifetime by coming into my life.

God blessed me with this angel on 17th Sept 2015. That was the happiest day of both (my husband & me) our lives. We secretly wished for a baby girl during my pregnancy period and our excitement got doubled with her arrival. I remember the first time when doctor gave her to me! How scared I was! She seemed so fragile and I was scared that I would hurt her by touching her. Her rosy pink cheeks were the cutest things I’d ever seen. They become more pinkish whenever she cries. When she grabs my fingers in her tiny little ones, I felt like my world was enclosed in them. Watching her sleep for hours has become my favourite pastime during those days. I had never ever seen any other infant up close in my life and with Riddhi, every experience was a bliss for me.

When she was about 7 months old, she started crawling and that was the most memorable moment for me. As, for first few days I felt like there is a small mouse racing inside my house. I know it’s insane to relate her with something like a mouse but it’s the first thing that came into my mind. I remember every memory associated with her on my fingertips. When she started holding a spoon, started eating solids, drinking water by herself, took her first step, and what was the first word she spoke. The insecure feeling she had whenever I was away. How she ran and hugged me whenever she got excited. How she holds me tightly whenever we visited the Doctor and I started crying, seeing her injected. I know every mother does remember all these things… I am not alone and that is why being a mother is an incredible experience by itself.

I started celebrating every little occasion because of her which previously I’d always thought of as a waste of time. Actually, now I started enjoying everything. I enjoy doing all those silly things with her, jumping on bed, dancing to songs, making funny faces, tickling each other and so many other things.  Though, I was not the single child of my parents I always lived alone. So, doing those silly things with Riddhi brings back my childhood. She completes my circle and now I don’t crave for anyone’s presence in my life. This naughty kid filled up my life with every possible colours.

As I already said, no-matter what I write I could never have enough words to describe her presence in my life. So, winding up for now.

As of now, I am going to play with my naughty kid. See you tomorrow with another word.

Q – Quillpad

For the next in the A to Z blogging challenge, here comes the most questionable letter ‘Q’. Questionable because, we have very few words beginning with this letter and to search the one relevant with your life is another impossible task. But, I somehow found out the most connected word from this letter.

‘Q’ in my life stands for Quillpad. I know many of you don’t know what Quillpad is! Don’t go searching on Google, I’ll make it easier for you. Quillpad is a website which helps us translate words in different regional languages.

Basically, it is a website used for translation. Quillpad helps me a lot whenever I have to write my poems or stories in Hindi. It is a very hassle free experience to write in Hindi language through this website. Otherwise, one has to install hundreds of fonts and paste keyboard stickers to do the same. I am a huge fan of Hindi literature be it in reading or writing. I love to write in Hindi, first. And that’s where this website becomes my partner in writing.

So many poems, so many stories, so many emotions got their words through Quillpad. Strange, how a simple website or application becomes part of your life!

This is it for now. This freaky girl is taking rest until tomorrow. See you again with another word & another memory.

P – Plants

So, the 16th letter of our AtoZ Challenge is ‘P’ and P for me stands for Plants.

Plants… what would our world be without you? You gave us life. You gave us fresh oxygen to breath. You make our environment clean. And what we do with you? We cut you to make more space for our living. We destroy you to make our life better. We kill you to live our life leisurely.

I am a nature lover and I love to collect different kind of plants. Though, here in Gurgaon, I don’t have enough outdoor space to plant them yet I manage to create a small greenway for myself. I have many indoor plants and few of them are on my workstation. Their fresh green leaves encourage me to think positively. I always want to do something like what environmentalists do for the environment. But that wish didn’t see the light of the day.

So, I made a resolution in my life. I planted a tree or bought a plant into my house for every special occasion of my life. I started it from my Birthday and I am maintaining this without a fail. Trust me, it makes me feel alive. Nothing is this world excites me more than a blooming flower or plant in my balcony. New, fresh green leaves reduce all my tensions and make me happier. Plants have this positivity stored inside them, they make your perception much cleaner and fresher when you spend some time with them.

Don’t believe my words? Go and try this. I’m sure you will love it.

Place a plant near your desk and see the difference in your thoughts. Place them in your house and see the difference in your life.

If you cannot do the big things, do the small ones. It can change a lot. And at this day when the world is showing the results of global warming, try to plant a single plant whenever you can. As much as you can. We cannot stop the pollution which has already spread a lot in our environment… I understand. But, we can take small and simple steps to prevent it from growing further. Each step you take, each seed you sow, will bloom one day! We have already done enough damage to our earth, now start healing the damage.

I am doing this. Will you?

Think and act!

I will see you another day with another post.

O – Ochre

For our next post in AtoZ Challenge, I want to share one beautiful yet funny poem ‘Ochre’. This one is written by my dearest friend, in this, she has shown sarcastic & intelligent side of her personality.

Two hearts fused together
The universal symbol
Of love and more
Easily blended with
The ochre faces.
In many forms, most similar
Often misused, mostly confused
The tongue peeking out, just kidding
Two fat tears leaking, laughing helplessly
The lips grinning wide, with devilish plans.
One eye shut, one open, the standard wink
Filling the spaces where words couldn’t.
Black, Brown, White
All different faces
Are now orcher!
Dhivya Balaji

This piece of art is something I don’t want to go unnoticed.

See you soon with our next letter!

L – Love

L is the letter for today. For me, L stands for nothing other than Love.

Love is the strongest emotion, the supreme power, a blessing from God! A deep feeling of affection. So many forms and each one is beautiful.

Here, I am not talking about the love we see between couples. Instead, it has a huge meaning apart from this selfish and self-centred world. Love makes us see things differently. It is the supreme power, which compels us to see the positive side of others. Sometimes, I wonder what if this 4-letter word doesn’t exist in our life! How would be the world look like? What would be the face of mankind then? What would humans do? What should we teach our children? How would music and art and other good things be created? What would happen to the classics then? All these questions have a similar answer – Love is the driving force behind all good things in life.

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K – Kindle

So, we have come to our 11th letter ‘K’. No, it’s not K which we generally use in replying to messages. It is K for Kindle. Yes, another asset of mine.

I recently got a kindle paperwhite, which my dear husband gifted me. I am a bibliophile and I never ever thought that one day I will crave for something like a Kindle. But, it happens, due to the phase I am in. My naughty kid doesn’t allow me to read books as paperbacks. Whenever I open a book to read, she always snatches that and runs away. It’s frustrating for me but I can’t do anything. So, I ended up choosing the Kindle device for some time till I get back to my normal routine. But to my surprise, Kindle is a new and nice experience for me. Also, now I don’t need an external source of light to read my books. I really like the way it makes reading easy for me. Now, I can read at night with this magical device without disturbing my kid. Or I should say, she let me reads hassle free.

The Kindle will always remain in my heart because the first book I read on my device was Harry Potter, and I already shared about how much I love that series. I can’t thank Amazon enough for giving us this device.

So, now this bibliophile is signing off to read Twilight series on my Kindle paperwhite.

See you another day!

J – Journals

When it comes to ‘J’, I only remember the word ‘Journals’.

There was a time when we used to write everything in our diaries. Especially, in our teenage. I remember clearly how much I loved to write in my diaries. My writings were on random concepts, just anything and everything, be it my daily routine to my views on various topics. Those were the days when people actually had enough time to maintain their journals or diaries. Nowadays, when technology has grown much further, those diary entries are replaced by blogs and phone notes.
But I still love writing in my diaries. Now even I cannot maintain my old habit of writing diaries regularly but whatever I do I always keep a diary near me. I love the smells of old paper and pens. Paper and pens have the most beautiful love-story between them. And I enjoy and nurture their love-story ahead.
I wrote the whole first draft of my debut book ‘Adhira’ in a diary. Yeah! The whole story. I really enjoyed that phase as I felt like I was going back to school days. I wish I could go back to the era where computers and this ‘tick-tock’ of keyboard was not mandatory for writing in our daily life, which nowadays has become a necessity.

This is it for now, enjoy your writing and I am going down the memory lane to find some diary memories of mine that I will share with you soon!