How would you react if I say ‘I’ for me stands for IPL. Yeah, that’s right! Indian Premier League.

As Indians, cricket runs in our blood. I am always an ardent cricket fan. I have many childhood memories of watching cricket with my dad, cheering for the Indian team sitting infront of our Idiot box. That cheering increased in volume whenever India played against Pakistan in World Cups or during other series. We would burst crackers and shout aloud in streets when India won the match. After my father’s demise, I’m left alone on that couch as he was my only cricket partner. But the craze never faded. I still get goose bumps whenever I watch repeat telecast of Mahendra Singh Dhoni lifting world cup of 2011 by defeating SriLanka by 6 wickets in finals. Or when my most favourite cricketer, Saurav Ganguly waved his T-shirt in Lords’ Stadium. These are some memories every cricket fan could remember on his/her fingertips. I still cheer for my team, my country. I still shout for every sixer, I scream when our player gets out, I celebrate when our team wins. World cup is like a festival for me. I mark all the important matches and manage my schedule according to them. I eagerly wait for another whole 4 years after a world cup series ends.
But now cricket format has changed and we have this Indian Premier League organised every year, called ‘IPL’ in short. I know few of my fellow hardcore cricket fans wouldn’t like me saying that I like, actually love, this series as much as I love the matches of an individual country playing against opposing country. Because IPL is a different format where every player unites for a team and plays for that team instead of their own country. They keep the dignity of this ‘gentlemen’s game’ alive. I love watching foreign players uniting in those colourful jerseys of IPL teams. IPL makes bonding between players much stronger. They play, they win, they celebrate together as a team. Obviously, they got paid for playing in those teams but we can buy a player by bidding but not their game. Not their spirit of playing. And that is what I liked most about this short format game. It looks so amazing that MSD in playing under Steve Smith’s captaincy or Mitchell Johnson is playing under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma, without any hassles. This is the charm of this game.

I am a Kolkata Knight Riders fan since the beginning of this game. Reasons? You may ask? Just because I live in Delhi – NCR, my dedications are supposed to be with Delhi Daredevils. Logically its correct! But I have many reasons to support KKR. Firstly, because I’ve always been Saurav Gangully’s fan, secondly, I had a huge crush on Gautam Gambhir back then and third, the most important one, its SRK’s team. This reason is above all and I am proud to be a knight rider because they won 2 IPL trophies and played well in all seasons though. So, no doubt about whom I would be cheering this year also.

No matter how well your team is doing… keep cheering!

See you soon with the next letter and the memories attached with them. Till then, this illogical cricket lover rests.

H – Harry Potter

So, our next letter is ‘H’. H for… Harry Potter.

Great! I could never have thought that one day I will love this series to this extent. I still couldn’t believe that I read all those books in one go.

I was never a Harry Potter fan and never really had that urge to read HP books. I remember my cousin read that series and praised it a lot and asked me to read but I gently shrugged off her request by saying that ‘I won’t like those highly imaginative HP books.’ At that time, I was about 10 or 11 years old. But, when today someone asks me about what would be my favourite series of books, I will gleefully scream ‘Harry Potter’. And this whole transformation credit goes to my dearest friend who literally forced me to read these books.

I marked it in this year’s resolution calendar to read this series. I started reading the first book of the series ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ without much excitement, as the only motto to read the book was to impress my friend. (*Laughs*) But as I read further and came on the 2 or 3 chapter, my interest suddenly shot up and I ended up reading first 5 books in just 11 days. That was the fastest reading speed in which I read any series of books. And I started loving it to such an extent that I decided to watch the movies too (which I used to avoid before).

I won’t mind sharing that I don’t like HP series of movies much because they don’t show the whole story and it was a huge disappointment for me. I realised not all movie adaptations of books are good. They mould the concept as per their business strategies and that’s where the actual story is lost. And it’s quite okay too, how much of a story can they show in 3 hours? So, justified enough! But, book lovers like me prefer books over movies.

That is how the magical world of Hogwarts created by J.K. Rowling cast its charm on me too. I love each and every character whether it is Harry, Ron, Hermione, Professor Dumbledore, Hagrid, that snowy white owl – Hedwig, the cute house elf – Dobby and other characters too. All thanks to the Queen who wrote such a wonderful series of books. Now I regret refusing my cousin who wanted to introduce this magical world to me in my childhood. I miss that but I’ll make sure my child would start her reading journey with Harry Potter Books.

I can never thank you enough my friend for introducing me to this series. You not only introduced but forced me to read it! And I ended up loving them.

See you again with the next letter and the memories attached with that.

B – Blogging

When it comes to the second letter B, I was confused what to choose. But, then I thought B for me belongs to blogging. I started blogging years back but put it on a halt to focus on writing my book. Now, I’ve started blogging again. In the initial days, when I saw this word, I used to wonder what the bloggers did. How did they choose their topics and how are their minds so active about everything? Frankly, I started out as an amateur blogger who writes everything and anything I like. But I have never ever been an active blogger and as days passed by, I lost my interest in it. But, then gradually I understood the terms of being a good and active blogger. I understood the importance of writing daily, be it in writing or blogging. I understood the value of punctuality in writing. And thankfully, I make up my mind to start it on a daily basis, without wasting much time. So, from now onwards, I hope I will write or blog daily to avoid the halts in my writing. And, I’m sure this challenge will help me to be an active and punctual blogger.