G – Gurgaon

Here we come on letter G in our AtoZ challenge. G for me stands for Gurgaon.

Gurgaon, the city I live in. Although this is not the city I want to live in for rest of my life. My dream city is Mumbai. But, Gurgaon gave me many good reasons to fall in love with it. I came here in 2011, just after my marriage. It was all a new experience for me. A new me on a new journey in a totally unknown city. I came from a city which geographically is bigger than Gurgaon but the life there was simple and easy.

In this metro city, life was a challenge for me during those days, as adjusting in a new atmosphere has never been easy for me. I am more of an introvert, reserved and home-sick person. I was brought up in Meerut, and for me that is my home. And it will always be. But when I came here to Gurgaon, I instantly fell in love with the odd things of this city. Why odd? Because Gurgaon is known to for its tall buildings, numerous malls, pubs and its nightlife. All of the things are just opposite to what my likings are.

Whenever I asked anyone about what they like in Gurgaon, their answer would include one of these things 9 out of 10 times. But, to their surprise, my answers are just the opposite of theirs. I love the peace this city gives me. I love the greenery spread all over the city. I love the landscapes of Gurgaon – Faridabad road. I love to watch Aravalli’s from there. That is why I felt like I fell in love with the odd things, the things that are not noticed by the majority at a first glance.

Apart from all these, Gurgaon gave me many, many other reasons to be thankful for. This city blessed me with a best friend for life-time. It gave me a purpose to live. It gave me my identity, my book – Adhira. And a stranger, who gave me countless memories to cherish forever. All of them are precious to me and so are the memories attached with them. These could be the some of the reasons I love Gurgaon to the core.