It was 2:45 PM in a winter day and I had just taken my toddler to bed. I had work to do but I preferred to lie down with Ria so she would sleep fast. She had bathed that day and her hair was a little wet. I wanted to keep her warm so that she wouldn’t catch a cough again. While putting her to sleep, the warm comfort of the duvet in the cold afternoon made me want to sleep too. I did not mind taking advantage of that moment, draped the duvet around Ria and me, and comfortably fell asleep within a few minutes.

After a few minutes, an annoying voice started to disturb my sleep. I opened my eyes and looked at the window. I saw nothing. I assumed the pigeons were playing with sticks outside my window and they were making that noise. I pulled the duvet over my face and closed my eyes. Again, I heard noises, and this time they felt like the pitter-patter of raindrops. I concentrated on the noise and thought it must be raining outside.

I was too sleepy and I didn’t want to miss my sleep at any cost. I fell asleep again. After 5 mins, a sudden jolt woke me up.
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