E – Earphones

Moving on to our 5th letter, that is E. And E for me stands for Earphones.

My cute set of green earphones, which I bought years ago but still is as new as when it was packed. They have become a part of my daily life. Numerous songs and countless emotions are attached with those tiny little green earphones of mine. Many times, I thought of switching them with another one but I never found any other earphones as comfortable as the ones I have. No matter what I do; jogging or walking, or lying down, they have been my strong music partner. Whenever I wanted to leave the real world, they help me in escaping the reality. I remember how I used to listen that one Marathi song ‘Saazni’ over and over again and my earphones helped me revising those lyrics, which are totally unknown to me. Or when Riddhi (My daughter) was 1 month old and mostly slept in my arms and I had to sit in single position without disturbing her precious sleep, how my earphones helped me to pass that time, sometimes lasting the whole night. They are my partners in crime. Whatever my mood is they helped me to sort it. It’s strange, how a non-living thing can become inseparable part of your daily life.