F – Friends Forever

Our 6th letter for AtoZ challenge is magical. As, F always stands for Friends for me.

Friends are not just a word it’s a whole universe for me. Friends not only share their lives with each other, they also nurtur a relationship with faith and undying trust on each other. We always need a good friend at every phase of our life. Friendship doesn’t count on how near or far you stay. Instead, it always depends upon how close you have become to that one person. Blessed are the ones who found atleast one good friend in their life-time. And I’m fortunate enough to find 2 best friends forever for this life-time.

Shilpa Keshri, a vivacious and bubbly friend of mine. I don’t even remember how we became so close to each other. Because when I first saw her, my instant reaction was something not very good about her. I assumed she was an arrogant, proud and egoistic girl but to my surprise she turned out to be a very bubbly, spontaneous and happy go lucky girl. Her helpful nature helped me a lot of times in overcoming certain issues. We are very much alike. She is the one who supported and encouraged me to write. Her undying faith in me makes me believe myself. Whenever life troubles me I think only of her and I instantly get a surprise call from her, every time. It could not be a mere co-incidence. It is something people called a soul connection. I fondly call her my anti-depressant because she always comforts my restless mind. We once were neighbours, then became best friends and now BFFs. We are miles apart but I know we will always keep each other in our minds!

Dhivya Balaji, what should I say about this girl?! She is the one strict teacher in my life, who taught me many, many things. Logic flows in her blood. She handled me with care and affection whenever I was about to fall. When I walked down the memory lane, I remembered how uncomfortable I was, when I came to know that Dhivya did not understand a single letter in Hindi. I was looking for an editor who could understand Hindi language easily because I was not very much fluent with my English. But to my surprise, God sent me this angel. We started talking with each other and it took only one month to get to know each other so nicely. Now, I am teaching her Hindi and she is teaching me Tamil, her mother tongue. There are few things which bring us so close to each other… Music, Books, our reserved nature and, of course, Adhira. For me she is like a soul – sister whom God has sent only for me. She is much mature to me in terms of judging others and she always helps me in choosing people. Her bright, bold and blunt attitude towards life makes her stand out in the crowd. We live miles apart and haven’t met in person but we always have each other in our minds. We think of each other numerous times in a day and that makes our connection even more stronger.

I am truly blessed to have these two angels in my life. They complete my circle and I couldn’t have wished for more. These two beautiful souls made me who I am.