Z – Zehnaseeb

So, here we come to our last letter of this A to Z challenge. The letter of the day is ‘Z’ and the word of this letter associated with my life is ‘Zehnaseeb’. It’s and Urdu word which means ‘fortunate’ in English. Or you can say ‘lucky one’ too.
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M – Music

Another letter for this AtoZ challenge is ‘M’. Yes! Magical ‘M’ stands for Music.

If there is one thing that I cherish and love most in my life apart from books, it is Music. I don’t think there is a single person in this world who hates music. They may love different forms of it. Music is the only thing which accompanies us in the phases of our life. Everyone has their unique taste in Music. Some love classical whereas some prefer rock. I am a kind of person who likes different songs in all genres of music.
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