R – Riddhi

Next letter ‘R’ consist of a very special word, which is Riddhi.

It is not just a word. It is my whole universe. Riddhi, my daughter. No matter whatever I write today about her, my words will always remain short of what she is to me. Her presence to me is divine in my life. She completes me and has made me the person I am today. She gave me the most amazing title of my life ‘Mumma’. Every other word becomes insignificant in front of this word. She gave me the bestest gift of my lifetime by coming into my life.

God blessed me with this angel on 17th Sept 2015. That was the happiest day of both (my husband & me) our lives. We secretly wished for a baby girl during my pregnancy period and our excitement got doubled with her arrival. I remember the first time when doctor gave her to me! How scared I was! She seemed so fragile and I was scared that I would hurt her by touching her. Her rosy pink cheeks were the cutest things I’d ever seen. They become more pinkish whenever she cries. When she grabs my fingers in her tiny little ones, I felt like my world was enclosed in them. Watching her sleep for hours has become my favourite pastime during those days. I had never ever seen any other infant up close in my life and with Riddhi, every experience was a bliss for me.

When she was about 7 months old, she started crawling and that was the most memorable moment for me. As, for first few days I felt like there is a small mouse racing inside my house. I know it’s insane to relate her with something like a mouse but it’s the first thing that came into my mind. I remember every memory associated with her on my fingertips. When she started holding a spoon, started eating solids, drinking water by herself, took her first step, and what was the first word she spoke. The insecure feeling she had whenever I was away. How she ran and hugged me whenever she got excited. How she holds me tightly whenever we visited the Doctor and I started crying, seeing her injected. I know every mother does remember all these things… I am not alone and that is why being a mother is an incredible experience by itself.

I started celebrating every little occasion because of her which previously I’d always thought of as a waste of time. Actually, now I started enjoying everything. I enjoy doing all those silly things with her, jumping on bed, dancing to songs, making funny faces, tickling each other and so many other things.  Though, I was not the single child of my parents I always lived alone. So, doing those silly things with Riddhi brings back my childhood. She completes my circle and now I don’t crave for anyone’s presence in my life. This naughty kid filled up my life with every possible colours.

As I already said, no-matter what I write I could never have enough words to describe her presence in my life. So, winding up for now.

As of now, I am going to play with my naughty kid. See you tomorrow with another word.