V – Vacation

The next letter in our AtoZ challenge is ‘V’. For me, V stands for Vacations.

Aren’t you also feeling excited when you hear this word? In this hectic life this word is quite a breather for us. Yes, I know… same story here.

This word takes me down the memory lane when we used to wait a whole year for our summer vacations to start, so that we could go to our grandparent’s house to enjoy that whole month. We would start planning for the upcoming holidays in advance. We listed our favourite things to do months before. Or, sometimes to different places which we always heard about from our friends. Our excitement made us be on cloud nine on the day before the vacations started. The euphoria behind exploring that new place was always on the extreme side.

I was always a studious child, so I finish my holiday homework in advance and then start my vacations, whether the vacations were supposed to be at my grandparents’ house or any new location. The bus or train journey excites me a lot, and I remember I always take the window seat to admire the landscapes during the whole journey. My most lovable feeling is not when we reached the destination, it’s the journey that made me content. I love the atmosphere during vacations on hill stations. They were much crowded than the other days and everyone seems happy to enjoy some quality time with their families. So many happy faces. So many memories the people are trying to capture in their cameras. Then we collect lots of memories to share with our school friends.

Those were the happiest days.

We still go on vacations but now we don’t crave the whole year for them. Our excitement has changed and that kid is lost somewhere. Now we don’t crave for those ‘softies’ on the mall road instead we crave to have a chilled beer. Life has changed!

That excitement on going for a vacation still remains same but the idea of collecting and sharing memories have changed. Maybe because we have grown up now. And with the growing age come lots of other cravings which are much high on the nerve than in our childhood.

Still, if you find some time for yourself then you must revisit those childhood memories you shared with your friends. I’m sure it will curve out a smile on your face.

Leaving you for some memories to cherish!