U – Uplift

Unlike the other letters, today’s letter gave me a major headache. ‘U’ turned out to be an uneasy letter to find a word worth writing for. After lots of google search and asking within my friend-circle, I finally came to the point that, U for me stands for ‘Uplift’. Yes. Certain things which uplift my mood.

So, if I stress my brain a little to find those things which uplift my mood instantly, I have to think hard, really, as I am a very moody person. Everything depends on my mood. Sometimes, a small act of kindness can melt my heart whereas a whole big act of charity couldn’t. A single rose could melt my anger whereas a whole bouquet couldn’t. A most peppy, weird and ‘truck-chapsong can uplift me mood whereas a melodious tune couldn’t. So, I am like this. My mood variations and swings amaze me too.

Sometimes the sweetest memory becomes the reason for my happiness and sometimes the same is the reason for my resentment. The same person who makes me smile one day, could, another day,  be the object of my hatred. The same music which drags me to the dance floor could became the ‘noise-pollution’ other day.

So, this is me. Up-close and personal. Today fighting within myself and tomorrow fighting for myself. One day the life of the party and on another hiding beneath my shell. Still, music is something which never gave upon me, as it always uplifts my mood. No-matter what situation I am in.

So, this nerd is going to have some mood lifter for herself. See you again with another letter & word. Hope, that one would be much simpler to find!

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