W – WhatsApp

Here comes our 23rd letter of the A to Z challenge. ‘W’ stands for WhatsApp. Yes…Yes, that tiny green coloured messenger icon installed in everyone’s phone.

There was a time when we used to send individual messages or make phone calls whenever we have to talk to our near and dear ones. We keep our phone recharged with numerous message packs for hassle-free chatting over phone. Am I Right? Remember those message conversations you used to do with your spouse or your girlfriend/boyfriend or even with your BFFs during those chilly winter nights, hiding beneath your blankets? That era has its own charm. I admit.

Then came several online messengers in our life. Yahoo messenger and Gtalk are two of the biggest names in that category. Everyone was keen to have their own email account. Some of us visit cyber cafés frequently to have some fun chatting with strangers over Yahoo Messenger. That was an amazing time too! Lots of secret conversations, lots of secrets shared and mostly searching for a new user everyday just to have some fun chatting.

But then, there came a revolution in messaging named – WhatsApp. The tiny green coloured phone icon which replaced all of our messengers, but this time with phone numbers. Who could have thought that this tiny icon would take a major space in our daily lifestyle? Strange it seemed that time! But now we are used to it. Almost everyone has WhatsApp installed in their phones. It has become a basic necessity of today’s lifestyle. Whatever we do, wherever we go, we always want to share that with someone. Either with Facebook or WhatsApp. Have we become more social or is it just virtual socialising? Because in reality I haven’t seen two people talking and sharing their privacy so much… especially two strangers.

WhatsApp did make our life easy. Whether we have to share pictures or locations, contact numbers or documents, everything becomes much easier to share. But the most important change it has brought in our life is, it makes our chatting experience much more private and cosy. Now we don’t have to rush to cyber cafés or login to our email ids to read those important (or not so important) messages. Basically, the credit goes to the smartphones too. They played a major part in this messaging revolution. Everything is at our finger tips with just one click. That’s simple, isn’t it? We can have conversations with a person who is sitting miles across with just one touch of our phone.

This era of internet reality is amazing, it connects people of different horizons to each other.

Like everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, WhatsApp or any other social networking have their own. The more they connect people virtually, the more they make people go unnoticed. Now, when we have these tiny icons installed in our phones, we need not go to see people in person. We have started ignoring our social gatherings or visiting friends, like we used to do before these things came into our lives. It’s not wrong. And I am the last person to judge anyone’s life. But it has made a drastic change in our socialising skills and daily active routine.

So, always try to meet your near & dear ones in person too. It feels good.

Meantime, this weird girl is going to hide under her cocoon to have some exciting conversation with my bestie. See you again with another word another story.


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