X – X-Mas

Today’s word for X is going to be X-Mas. Yes, the other, the older word for Christmas.

Why did I choose X-Mas?

Because Christmas time is my favorite time of the year. That one week of Christmas celebrations fill my spirits with joy. Though I am not a Christian (but I always believe that I might have been a Christian in any of my past life) I love to celebrate it with my friends and family. The most favorite part of this occasion is decorating the Christmas tree, sending gifts to my friends, and most importantly ‘the rum cake’. Yes, I wait for a whole year to have that cake. And Xmas is that time when I literally jump in the air to have that rum and nuts cake. One could find me in my best moods during that time.

The celebrations we saw in Hollywood movies and have been reading in English books since childhood about Christmas fascinates my mind to such an extent that I end up liking this festival. Snow-capped roads, decorated churches, colorful lightings, city decorated with colors, people warming themselves in mufflers and caps… all these things seem very cute to me. Decorated trees everywhere and the joyful spirit for the coming new year. There is one more reason behind the love for this festival (that one is personal), there was an uncle of mine who is Christian, he used to come to our house with that ‘rum & nut’ cake every year. He celebrated his occasion with us almost every year. I always remember how he used to ask me for my favorite Christmas present in advance. He recently passed away but he left all the good Christmas memories in my heart alive forever. He taught me to celebrate the festival with warm spirits. Sometimes unknown people also gave you unforgettable memories for life-time.

Each festival we have and celebrate has its own importance and beliefs in our culture. But, Xmas will always be that ‘One’ special occasion for me, forever!

So, it’s time to wind up this post with best wishes for all of you. I’ll see you again with our next letter and word.

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