Z – Zehnaseeb

So, here we come to our last letter of this A to Z challenge. The letter of the day is ‘Z’ and the word of this letter associated with my life is ‘Zehnaseeb’. It’s and Urdu word which means ‘fortunate’ in English. Or you can say ‘lucky one’ too.

As you all must have known till now that I am an extremely musical person. I would love to bid adieu to this challenge on a musical note, and that’s the reason I choose this word. ‘Zehnaseeb’ is one of my all-time favorite and most played song in my Itunes music player. The song is composed my ‘Vishal & Shekhar’ (my another favorite) and sung by ‘Shekhar Ravjiani & Chinmayi Sripada’. This one is a very melodious melody sung by equally melodious voices. This song has a huge impact on my life as it curved out a smile on my face whenever I hear this. I love the positivity this song brings into my life with its lyrics, ‘tere sang beete har lamhe par humko naaz hai, tere sang jo na beete uspe aitraaz hain’ I felt much connected to my partner with this single line and thought of those numerous moments we shared together and aiming for share in coming future. This song has this power to take me back to my memory lane, to those times, when I realized that I fell in love. That single feeling and those numerous moments curved out a silver line on my face. This is the only song I would love to dedicate to my husband, forever and ever. Whatever mood I am in, this only song has the power to change it instantly. That’s the reason I reserved this one for my last letter ‘Z’. Because this song deserves a full-fledged post to describe its importance in my life.

Okay, so it’s the time to bid adieu to this challenge. It’s painful! As I really loved writing daily for this challenge. I don’t even realize how this month has passed and now this one is going to be the last post of this AtoZ challenge.

Hope, you enjoy reading my posts all this month for this challenge! I’ll make sure I write something on regular basis to keep our conversation alive.

See you soon! Till then, keep reading, keep listening, keep writing!

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